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Book board

The outer cover of the textblock comprised of sides and the spine: the boards themselves are faced with paper, cloth, leather or another material. …

Book binding

Connects the textblock to the boards or cover. Soft (V1, V2, V3 and V4), semi-hard (V5 and V6) and hard (V7, V8a, V8b, V8c and V9) bindings are used

Book sheets

Printed sheets of paper arranged in their proper order are called the book sheets.

Bookmark ribbon

A thin coloured ribbon affixed to the upper edge of the spine of the book block used to save a specific place in the book.


Braille is a system of characters for the visually impaired using a set of raised dots with regular spacing and configurations into different repeating groups


Illustrations extending beyond the format of the printed material, perhaps due to inaccurate trimming