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Technical options for production - Instructions and manuals

Specific options*

woodfree offset papers 70 – 120 gsm (HT), newsprint papers 45 – 60 gsm (HT+RT), volume papers 45 – 90 gsm, coated gloss and matte papers 90 – 300 gsm

a broad spectrum of papers used to print instructions and manuals depending on the printing technology used, 50 gsm bible paper.

Final assembled format

A5, A4, A3 /HT,DT RT/, A6 /HT, DT/

various specifications, including mini dimensions per specifications (HT, DT) and RT in select cases

Number of pages

cover: 4 pages, inner pages: for HT and DT in any format: V1: 4, 8, 12 pages, then multiples of 4, V2 or V4: at least 64 pages and then multiples of 2, for RT in A4 format: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40 pages, then multiples of 8, for RT in A5 format:: 16, 32, 48 pages, then multiples of 16

cover: 6 or 8 pages, inner pages: (for HT and DR): option to fold certain inner pages, also available in A4 format and V1 binding with 14, 18 pages, etc. For RT, A5 format: 8, 24, 40… (and other specific ranges) For A4 format: 6, 10, 20, 28… (and other specific ranges)

Colour scheme

1 colour or CMYK

CMYK + 1 – 2 other colour(s) (only for HT!)

Surface finishes

no surface finish

cover – gloss, matte lamination, gloss, matte UV varnish, spot UV varnish

Bookbinding and other processing

without folding, or 1-2 folds, V1 and V2 binding

larger number of folds (HT and DT only), V4 binding, perforation, different cut-outs available…