Our company is always open to potential cooperation on expanding our sales network for sales to our end customers (B2B) and expanding our network of subcontractors.

Cooperation primarily focuses on companies that sell printed materials and other entities

One form of cooperation is to become a seller of products in our portfolio. This cooperation is perfect for many types of companies,

  • such as advertising agencies looking to simplify and streamline the process of ordering various printed materials from a single partner
  • printing houses and advertising makers who want to offer their clients the ability to print products they themselves are unable to produce
  • companies that may gain an attractive competitive advantage and new sources of revenues from existing business contacts by offering a broader spectrum of printed materials and complementary goods and services.

Such companies are primarily:

  • graphics and reprographic studios
  • specialised web design studios
  • office supply retailers
  • dealers of advertising and promotional items
  • trade fair companies
  • publishers of advertising periodicals and newspapers
  • lessors of outdoor advertising space
  • PR agencies
  • In short, companies that are currently active in other fields who need specific printed products from the full spectrum of products that their clients regularly order.

For instance:

  • a restaurant supplier expands its customer portfolio by including menus, printed pizza boxes and disposable coasters for beverages.


Cooperation for new suppliers (access our supply chain)

We are continuing to expand our existing network of stable partners specialising in various printing technologies.

Our primary interests are in cooperating with suppliers with technological equipment that permits the production or processing of specific kinds of printed materials and who deliver a high overall level of production and delivery efficiency of printed materials by means of their own in-house technologies and internal processes. Partners able to respond flexibly to market demand are a priority, while having an optimised system of production checks is crucial when making such decisions.

If you are interested in any of the forms of cooperation specified above and consider them beneficial for your business, please contact us for more details as to potential opportunities and conditions for cooperation via email at: ba@polygrafcentrum.sk