Custom solutions

Our priority is to develop and implement custom printing jobs and materials for clients, including comprehensive consulting.

We are ready to provide assistance in selecting the best printed materials and their overall technical specifications within a variety of projects for different target groups, publishers, advertising agencies or end customers. A broad range of different printing technologies are used to implement custom solutions.

Comprehensive services under one roof

In addition to standard printing products, we recommend special printing products for custom solutions that may be used in sales or with the goal of improving the client’s own presentation.

When making recommendations for individual products, and depending on the purpose of the product and its suitable optimisation, we use a variety of specific surface finishes, bookbinding and cut-outs.

In addition to printed materials, we also provide a host of complementary services, thanks to which  we are able to provide clients with complete turn-key solutions. The most popular services are graphics, and non-addressed and addressed distribution.

System of work

Our priority is always to assist our clients

At the very beginning of the printing process, we comprehensively examine the needs and goals of our customers in detail, after which comes our inspiration, designs and a solution. The entire process does not end with printing and delivery; client feedback is very important and is an important resource for evaluation and exploitation in future cooperation.