Polygrafické centrum, s.r.o. was established in 2007 and builds on the experience of its founders during their work on the advertising and printing market since 1995.

The company was established under the name Marketing and Business Group, s.r.o., and Polygrafické centrum was simply one of its business programmes.

The company’s focus from the very beginning was on delivering a different approach to clients in the printing industry and providing customers with a comprehensive range of products combined with a personalised approach and custom solutions.

The company gradually completed more and more printing orders for clients including publishers, advertising agencies and end customers from Slovakia and abroad.

Given the development of the company, its narrow specialisation in this field and rising printing production volumes, the company’s name was changed in 2016 to Polygrafické centrum, s.r.o.

Our mission is to create ideal conditions for the successful development of our customers, partners and co-workers.

Customer development

our contribution lies in the ability to inspire, design and secure the comprehensive implementation of a wide range of printed materials, including complementary services such as graphics and distribution. Thanks to this, we create the appropriate prerequisites needed for our customers to more easily and efficiently achieve their goals, as well as their overall profit.

Partner development

credibility is our biggest contribution towards building long-term partnerships, enabling our clients to fully focus on their own development, production and other activities.

Co-worker development

we see the personal and professional development of our co-workers as creating suitable conditions for them to succeed and enjoy quality in their private lives and careers.


Our vision is to build a company providing comprehensive printing services with high added value at a Europe-wide level and in primary customer segments.

Our major contribution towards achieving our client’s objectives and goals by implementing and delivering printed materials and complementary services represents the added value we deliver to clients.

Our values

Pro-active approach

we recognise the responsibility we have for the impacts of our decisions on the fulfilment of our clients’ goals and the simple fact they are fully reliant on our solutions. As such, we always take an active approach towards our customers to identify ideal solutions and work continuously on our own personal and professional development.

Personalised approach

we sometimes make mistakes and are fallible. We accept this fact with humility and see these situations as an opportunity to gain new experience and to stimulate further growth.

Innovative approach

we are sensitive to the fact that the market and its development face constant change. In an effort to provide the most efficient services possible, we continue to monitor current events and innovate our solutions in response and the inspirational stimuli we transfer to our customers.

A win-win approach

we consider it exceptionally important to ensure collaboration with all our business partners is a win-win for us both. This shows basic respect for the self-confidence of each party, including employees, and co-workers.