Polygrafické centrum is more than just a simple printing shop. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive product, which clearly includes complementary services directly related to printed materials and stationary.

This delivers impressive time savings to clients who otherwise would have to contact numerous suppliers, while optimising the entire process of printing their materials. We place great emphasis on the professionalism of our collaborating partners who provide complementary services.


Quality photography is often decisive in the overall effect and design of any printed product. Most often we use creative advertising photography and product or space photography. Depending on the type of printed product, portrait photography for selected events and gatherings can also be provided.

Graphic design

Professionally processed graphics play a tremendous role in the final printed form of a product. In addition to standard composition for regular printed products as well as the scanning and editing of images, we also provide the opportunity to have your own creative graphic design professionally processed, together with a comprehensive corporate design.


Today it is commonplace for companies to operate in multiple countries and therefore printed materials are often needed in different language mutations. To hasten and simplify the process of completing printed material, we provide translation services in collaboration with our partners to and from common foreign languages, such as English and German, with other languages available on agreement.

Non-addressed distribution to residential mailboxes

This solution is a favourite among complementary services for clients looking for a turn-key solution. We provide distribution services primarily in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but can also cover other European counties upon request. We collaborate with a number of renowned distribution and postal companies that have distribution inspection systems already in place.

Addressed distribution

Direct targeting of advertising is one of the hottest trends in marketing tools. In addition to distribution to specific addresses within this service, we also provide all other services connected with distribution (personalisation, sorting, packaging, insertion, etc.). Given that we also print the materials used when providing these services to customers, we are able to effectively optimise their combinations and formats (envelopes, personalisation, specific stationary, etc.).


If pick-up from our warehouses is not agreed upon, we are ready to organise efficient transport to anywhere in Slovakia, Europe and the world if such an arrangement is specified in your order. Our independent logistics department keeps clients updated on the status of their consignments, both in terms of delivery dates and their total volume.


Consulting represents exceptionally important added value provided to our clients in each individual order. Consulting is involved at the very beginning of our comprehensive collaboration, with a rigorous analysis of the client’s needs and work previously completed for them.

Have you chosen a product and now need a complementary service?