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Technical options for production - CATALOGUES

Specific options*

cover: coated gloss and matte papers, 90-300 gsm (HT+DT), inner pages: coated gloss and matte papers, 90-300 gsm (HT+DT), woodfree offset papers, 80-120 gsm (HT+DT), newsprint papers, 45 – 60 gsm (HT+RT), SC 52 gsm – 56 gsm (RT), LWC 60-80 gsm (RT), SC 52 gsm – 56 gsm (RT), LWC 60 – 80 gsm (RT),

cover: up to 600 gsm inner pages: various types of paper available for the specific technology used to print the periodical from 35 – 300 gsm, various creative papers, specific papers for rotary printing, Satin, SCA, MWC…

Final assembled format

A5, A4, A3 /HT,DT RT/, A6 /HT, DT/

various specifications, including mini dimensions per specifications (HT, DT) and RT in select cases

Number of pages

cover: 4 pages, inner pages: for HT and DT in any format: V1: 4, 8, 12 pages, then multiples of 4, V2 or V4: at least 64 pages and then multiples of 2, for RT in A4 format: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40 pages, then multiples of 8, for RT in A5 format:: 16, 32, 48 pages, then multiples of 16

cover: 6 or 8 pages, inner pages: (for HT and DR): option to fold certain inner pages, also available in A4 format and V1 binding with 14, 18 pages, etc. For RT, A5 format: 8, 24, 40… (and other specific ranges) For A4 format: 6, 10, 20, 28… (and other specific ranges)

Colour scheme

CMYK (RT, HT, DT) or 1 – 4 direct colours (HT)

CMYK + 1 – 3 other colour(s) (only for HT!)

Surface finishes

no surface finish

gloss, matte lamination, gloss, matte UV varnish, spot UV varnish

Bookbinding and other processing


V4 and other types of bookbindings, spiral, comb binding, a larger number of folds (only HT and DT), perforation, personalisation, different cut-outs available…