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Technical options for production - Paper pads

Specific options*

80 – 100 gsm BO

different types of paper: various gloss and matte papers up to 350 gsm may be used for the cover, inside the pad or pads without covers may use a broad spectrum of woodfree offset printing paper from 60 to 300 gsm or creative papers to print pads using offset or digital printing.

Final format

A4, A5 and A6 for standard pads, 9 x 9 cm is the most common format for tear-off paper pads (post-it notes),

fully customisable to individual specifications

Number of pages

25, 50 or 100 sheets for standard pads, 500 or 1000 sheets for small paper blocks

fully customisable to individual specifications

Colour scheme

cover – CMYK, inside – 1-2 colours

all CMYK + 1-2 other colours (only HT!)

Bookbinding and other processing

V1, glued together in a block,

perforation, punched holes, spiral bound, numbered, cardboard backing