Special stamps are used to make cut-outs in paper with any size or opening. They are primarily used for atypically shaped printed materials and labels, file folders and packaging made of smooth or corrugated cardboard. There are multiple types of cut-out forms available for standard printed materials including folders with pockets, leaflets for door handles and stands for flyers that can deliver significant production savings to clients.


Cut-outs are completed using one of the following forms:

– a cutting planchette (a thin steel strip of a specific height with a cutting edge that is mounted on a wood base in the desired shape and used for automatic cutting or trimming)

– a cutting die (consists of a cutting line or a steel punch used in the automated cutting of printed and non-printed products)

– a cutting blade (a steel tool with a cutting edge that cuts a specific shape in layers of paper, carton, cardboard or other material in the cutting machine)


Examples of cut-outs:

Folders with pockets

Leaflets for door handles

Stands for flyers

Specific designs

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